Writing Assistance

The RCLC provides writing support for students enrolled in non-English Department courses across the curriculum that require written assignments.  Writing Assistance aids students in developing papers for classes across the curriculum and beyond. Students meet with a writing assistant one-on-one to develop skills in writing and organization. 

Students seeking writing assistance in English Composition coursessuch as, English 99, 101 or 102, or courses offered by the English Department should visit the English Writing and Design Lab for help at  http://wdl.camden.rutgers.edu/.  RCLC Writing Assistants do not assist students with assignments for English Composition courses, but instead work with students on writing assignments in mid to upper level courses that require written work.

Students interested in making an appointment with an RCLC Writing Assistant may do so by visiting our online scheduler here.  Appointments are made in 1-hour blocks. Students should either bring a writing sample to their appointment or be ready to discuss his/her ideas about the paper.

Writing Assistance involves, but is not limited to:

  • Assisting to develop and organize ideas, finding a focus in a draft, writing drafts and revising final drafts
  • Using MLA, APA, and Chicago writing styles
  • Writing an argument, research paper or about literature
  • Taking essay exams
  • Personal statements for graduate school
  • Learning proper reference citations and paraphrasing
  • Developing main points, making writing concise, and synthesizing resource materials
  • Grammar and sentence skills (e.g., subject-verb agreement, avoiding fragments and run-ons, punctuation, etc.).

Writing Assistance does NOT involve:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Helping students "do research"
  • "Last minute" assistance

If you are interested in worksheets on study or writing skills, click here.