Workshop Request Form

Guidelines for requesting workshop programs.
Please read the guidelines for workshops. Contact the RCLC for additional information at 856-225-6442. The staff at the RCLC enjoys opportunities to give workshops in collegiate learning strategies to students.  In order to ensure that workshops are as successful as possible, we have developed the following guidelines:

  1. The faculty person or department requesting the workshop should complete the Workshop Request Form.  This information helps us develop a workshop tailored to your group.
  2. The RCLC likes to receive requests for workshops at least two weeks in advance of the workshop date.  We need this time to schedule staff and prepare a program.
  3. Workshops are scheduled for an entire class period unless otherwise specified.
  4. After the workshop, the RCLC Staff will provide an evaluation form for group members to complete before leaving.
  5. Additional meeting with a RCLC Staff member after the workshop to share observations, suggestions, and recommendations are encouraged.