Disability Services

Office of Disability Services
The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides students with confidential accommodation services in order to allow students with documented physical, mental, and learning disabilities to successfully complete their course of study at Rutgers University – Camden. ODS provides for the confidential documentation and verification of student accommodations, and communicates with faculty regarding disabilities and accommodations.  The ODS provides accommodation services, which can include readers, interpreters, alternate text, special equipment, and note takers. The ODS acts as a signatory for special waivers. The ODS also works with students, faculty, staff and administrators to enforce the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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Disability Services Office:

Director of Disability Services, Rutgers-Camden (all schools including law)
Kelly Deasy

(856) 225-2717
Fax: (856) 225-6443
Rutgers-Camden Learning Center
Armitage Hall, Room 235

Additional information is available at the Rutgers University website at https://ods.rutgers.edu/