Academic Support Workshops Spring 2017

The Rutgers-Camden Learning Center (RCLC) will host a series of academic support workshops for the Spring 2017 term for interested students.  All workshops will take place in Room 123 of Armitage Hall on Thursdays during the free period from 12:25 pm to 1:25 pm. except for the "But Wikipedia Says It's Right" workshop which will take place in the Robeson Library Electronic Classroom (basement level).

We have also recorded most of these workshops.  Please see the link below the description of each workshop to visit our YouTube page to view these workshops online.

Students can drop in on our weekly academic support workshops anytime

A Tool For Life: Goal-Setting, Timothy Pure, RCLC Assistant Director
2/2/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
Learn goal-setting in this highly interactive workshop. Participants will: understand the difference between a dream and a goal, design concrete, measurable long-term and short-term goals, and develop action plans for achieving their goals.  YouTube Video Link

Time Management and Avoiding Procrastination, Ajeenah Nuriddin-Little, RCLC Director
2/9/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
Learn about why students often procrastinate and the tips to overcome this competing behavior.  Find out about specific techniques to maximize your time through term, weekly and daily planning activities that will allow you to realize your academic goals.  YouTube Video Link

Choosing the Right Note Taking Format, Timothy Pure, RCLC Assistant Director
2/16/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
Explore different formats of note taking as well as tips to choose the format that best suits individual needs. Formats to be explored include Cornell, T-Notes, column format notes, outline format notes, designer notes, and note-taking on PowerPoint presentations. The workshop will also offer advice on how to best use a word processing program to take notes. YouTube Video Link 

Writing a Great Research Paper, Sarah Vanacore, RCLC Learning Specialist
2/23/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
This workshop will focus on how to write a succesful research paper.  The topics covered will include effective organization, thesis statements, outlining, revising and editing, and citation styles.

Great Study Skills, Timothy Pure, RCLC Assistant Director
3/9/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
Attendees will learn strategies to maximize concentration, avoid distractions, better organize their materials, and improve their retention.  Students will participate in several self-assessments in order to develop a study plan that suits their individual needs.  YouTube Video Link

Cancelled-Test Taking Strategies, Ajeenah Nuriddin-Little, RCLC Director
3/23/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
Learn how to employ different strategies to be effective in mastering multiple choice, essay, short answer and matching type examinations.  Find out how to prepare in advance to improve your test performances.  YouTube Video Link  

Public Speaking Made Easy:  Effective Strategies for Giving Presentations, Sarah Vanacore, Learning Specialist
3/30/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
Attendees will learn how to capture the attention of an audience, avoid common Power Point mistakes, and appeal to both auditory and visual learners.  Attendees will also learn strategies to help manager fears of public speaking.

Tips for Better Writing, Sarah Vanacore, RCLC Learning Specialist
4/6/17, 12:25-1:25pm, ARM 123
This workshop will provide an overview of the proper use of punctuation, such as comma use, colons, semi-colons, and the proper way to cite sources in MLA papers.  Ways to improve sentence structure will also be covered.  These topics include:  how to avoid using passive voice, "to be" verbs and how to fix "run-on" sentences.

Cancelled-Overcoming Math Anxiety, Timothy Pure, RCLC Assistant Director
4/4/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
In this workshop, attendees will learn about the causes of math anxiety and math test anxiety, and then will gain concrete strategies for dealing with the frustration, reduced concentration, and poor performance that math anxiety can induce.  YouTube Video Link    Math Anxiety handout

Improve Your Memory, Ajeenah Nuriddin- Little, RCLC Director
2/21/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, ARM 123
In this workshop, attendees will learn new memory techniques and strategies to make remembering faster and more efficient.  Students will be introduced to mnemonics, the method of loci system, the pegword system, and acronyms to improve their ability to recognize and recall information in an academic setting.
YouTube Video Link

“But Wikipedia Says It’s Right!”:  Evaluating Resources Critically, Ajeenah Nuriddin-Little, RCLC Director & Zara Wilkinson, Reference Librarian  
3/2/17, 12:25-1:25 pm, Robeson Library (Follow the signs to the Electronic Classroom)

Workshop will focus on how to choose appropriate resources for college-level research, and to critically analyze resources. Participants will also discuss using Google and Wikipedia in college-level courses. To be taught in collaboration with the staff of Robeson library.

Stress Management for School and Life, Dr. Robert Russo, Health Services
4/13/17, 12:25 -1:25 pm, ARM 123
This workshop will educate students about the different components of stress and how stress can have negative effects on both academic performance and one's personal life.  Learn how to manage stress and enter into a relaxed and focused state to achieve success.

Attention Faculty Members:

The RCLC offers "Learning Strategy" workshops for all RU courses. Faculty members interested in having an RCLC representative present a workshop to his/her class may fill out our Workshop Request Form.